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Equity Release Solutions

Later life borrowing has become very popular and is highly specialised and needs to be a well thought out area of financial planning. An Equity Release mortgage is a way whereby a homeowner, who must be over 55 years old,…

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Property vs. Shares

We speak to many would-be investors daily. The biggest question is “do I invest in property or buy shares?”.  Both have benefits along with pitfalls but overall, we love property and let us explain why. Since the financial crash just…

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Does Help to Buy really help first time buyers?

Getting onto the housing ladder feels impossible to many unless you are fortunate enough to benefit from the bank of mum and dad. Without this luxury, especially if you are in rented accommodation, then saving for a substantial deposit after…

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Brexit helping Remortgaging?

With Brexit now delayed until the last quarter of 2019 many homeowners, with mortgages, are highly concerned about the effect on Brexit when it comes to the cost of their monthly mortgage payments. As an independent mortgage broker, we keep…

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Securing your mortgage in 2019

With Brexit looming many people are so uncertain of the future of both the housing market and what mortgage rates will do! Securing the best mortgage for you in 2019 Let’s be honest, mortgage rates are so cheap at the…

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Extending my Lease

A very interesting question cropped up with one of our customers today regarding extending their lease on their flat. As you may be aware, when a lease gets low then it has a big effect on (a) its value (b)…

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Longer term mortgage loans

Ten years ago, a high percentage of mortgage borrowers had the option to take an interest only mortgage.  The benefit to doing this is that the monthly cost was far cheaper.  If you took a £300,000 mortgage over 25 years…

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When will you be mortgage-free?

What an incredible thought, being mortgage-free? Sadly, for most of us, this is a pipe-dream in the foreseeable future – but some feel otherwise! On average, a younger generation mortgage borrower who is 34 feels optimistic that they will be…

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Buying Your Child’s First Home

When I purchased my first property it was a two-bedroom flat and I think it cost me £30k.  This was back in 1997. Things are far different now with increased house prices far outstripping wage increases, meaning our poor kids…

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Homeowners Stung for £2500 on average

Recent research has shown that homeowners who do nothing at the end of their initial mortgage rate pay, on average, over £2500 per annum more in mortgage interest. That’s over £200 per month!!!! The study analysed the top sixteen mortgage…

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