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How easy is it to get a mortgage?

This very much depends upon your circumstances. As professionals, we will be able to tell you quickly if you are going to have trouble so we recommend you spend 2 minutes completing our ‘Instant mortgage quote’ form and we will let you know asap.

How much is stamp duty going to cost me, I am told it is going to be lots?

Quite possibly! You can use our Stamp duty calculator which will give you the figures. It may be prudent to take expert advice from us on this as there may be options for you?

I need help on Help to Buy. Do you know anything about the scheme?

Yes, we know everything about the scheme and the new ruling applying to first-time buyers and the extension until 2023. We have a great handout showing how it works so we can send this to you.

Mortgage brokers are expensive, and I am concerned about extra costs?

Yes, you are correct, most Independent Mortgage Brokers do charge you a fee, but we don’t, we are FREE. Watch our video on why we are free here and you will see how we work and why we are good for your wealth