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This Plant Stopped me Getting a Mortgage

I kid you not, recently we were commissioned to place a mortgage for a lovely young couple and the bank would not lend on the property because the surveyor did not like a plant on the boundary.

After investigation it wasn’t a normal plant rathermore Japanese Knotweed!

Japanese Knotweed

From its introduction, Japanese Knotweed has gone from being a prized ornamental plant to a nasty and very scary growth.  This plant has the potential to grow through concrete and ultimately cause subsidence to a property unless treated correctly.

Sadly treatment is not easy and, if left, will potentially take years to control. During this time if there are any signs of it within 30 metres of the boundary of your property then most lenders will avoid like the plague.

Our recent case was in Charlton in the Royal Borough of Greenwich but, as experienced independent mortgage brokers we knew the steps to take should the purchasers still deem it worthy to continue!

Japanese Knotweed can be found near waterways and railway lines, as was (and still is) the case in Charlton.  It can grow by seven metres each season but can be controlled via a professional in this field as we recommended in this case.

It is an offence for a land-owner to allow Japanese Knotweed to remain on their land and those who ignore can be fined up to £2,000 and an anti-social behavioural order be served on them!

If you are a homeowner and see one of these beautiful plants anywhere near your property then you must investigate and approach the property owner as it can be eradicated once identified. If you are viewing a property then do your research if you are unsure. Either way a good start is via which is the website for The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association.  They have excellent and practical advice coupled with a list of specialist who will be willing to help.

Good luck.


Simon Hughes
Managing Director




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