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Landlords: Limited Company Mortgages

With the new HMRC tax changes coming your way, have you thought about how the next few years will look for your Buy-to-Let property, or even your Portfolio if you are lucky enough to have one? HMRC can tell you more here – its riveting I am sure you’ll agree:

To save you reading it, HMRC are ultimately stopping High Rate tax payers offset the interest on their mortgage against the rental income. The good news is that I most definitely have considered your options! Many of our clients are already looking to buy their new investment properties under a Special Purpose Vehicle (known as an SPV) in order to offset their mortgage payments - this is very wise and forward thinking of them as the SPV will still allow this whereas in your personal name (s) will not!

Ultimately an SPV is a Limited Company set up to simply buy the property.  Many feel that it is complex and an expensive way to buy a property investment but now it is a fantastic opportunity for most landlords. 

The great news for our mortgage customers is that we know everything about these and are very much ahead of the game!

In fact, if you are a landlord with a portfolio (6+) I have an amazing opportunity to move your portfolio, with the help of a team of experts we have put together.  This solution will mean that you won’t pay stamp duty nor capital gains tax again if done correctly too. If you want to speak to one of my experts then complete the form under this link and it is a FREE assessment and all you may lose is 20 minutes of your time on the phone – I guarantee you will be impressed. Just click here:

It is likely that you will want to know more about Limited Company mortgages and therefore why not click here for a free consultation on this subject too:

Please be aware that these FREE offers won’t be free forever so please take advantage as soon as possible as it is very specialised.  If you want to know more about being a landlord then have a look at my beginners guide here:

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