When will you be mortgage-free?

What an incredible thought, being mortgage-free? Sadly, for most of us, this is a pipe-dream in the foreseeable future – but some feel otherwise!

On average, a younger generation mortgage borrower who is 34 feels optimistic that they will be mortgage-free by the time they are 51 whereas on the flip-side, a 55-year-old borrower is hoping it will be repaid by the time they are 68!

More lenders are understanding that as people go through the natural cycle of bringing up a family, putting them through university and then helping them find a home and helping them pay for it, the mortgage term extends into and past normal retirement age.  The result – people are working longer to service their mortgage!

One key point to having mortgage freedom is to keep on top of your mortgage choices.  There are many people on standard variable rates (SVR) still when they don’t need to be.  They are so embroiled in daily life that they forget or don’t have time to do anything about it.

Imagine if you had an impartial and independent Mortgage adviser, with your best interests at heart, who could identify the best mortgage for you and ensure it was on a cheap rate meaning that you can invest more into repaying the actual capital element of the mortgage… now there’s a thought!

Mortgages aren’t difficult – if you know what you are doing. And believe it or not you do not need to pay a fee to secure an independent mortgage adviser…seriously you don’t!

We will happily help you and you will NEVER get any pressurised sales tactics from us… perhaps this is why our reviews are so good. Now there’s another thought!